Monday, June 1, 2015

APM Agentuur loves Birshtonas!

The city of Birshtonas is, possibly, the only city in Lithuania that we can call "The Capital of Health". The city is truly unique, it provides a visitor with everything to have an unforgettable time, to start with general high level health care services and specialised in a spa resorts up to many opportunities for an active holyday time, including paragliding, aerostat flights and skiing. Many come back here again to get more of healing by drinking a miracle spring water while relaxing in a shadow of ancient pine trees. And we do mean 'miracles' when speak about Birshtonas' water!  Being a medium mineralised and rich of bromine, it has a strong healing effect which is making nerves healthier, strengthening blood vessels, providing a pain relief and, even, making one's skin younger.
We want the world knew about the city of Birshtonas! We will assist local businessmen in a special way to help them find new clients inside the Lithuania and globaly.
The global project of APM Agentuur serves both, local business and its customers. People, who are lucky to see business adverticements on our system, receive 90% of each ad's cost to their own accounts.
APM Agentuur has Birshtonas choosen as a take-off area for the promotion of it's Fair Advertising start up project because this small region has a well developed private business network and we count on the support from the local people.
We believe small business has its niche in the globalised world!
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