Thursday, May 28, 2015

A new life for old things. A mail-box

What keeps us tuned in to the world we live in?
When answering this question, every one will call radio and Internet at first place as a technical agents. A cell phone might be a good respond as well. Everything is correct as for today, but we know people where communicating with each other for ages before the big bang in technologies has happened. So, there must be something else that helped us to keep in touch before Internet!

Guess the true humble hero of the history of communications
was a common Mailbox. This stunning invention of the past is still of its high importance in a current technological environment and technicians make new inventions based on its traditional mission to keep people informed about events going on around.

Whether a letter-box has a traditional old school shape or it turned into a contemporary e-mail box, its function remains the same and it is only growing in popularity. Do you know many people who don't own a mailbox? Times back only one letter-box served all family members together. Today every person can posses a number of email boxes personalized to serve different purposes.

It's difficult nowadays to find anybody who doesn't use this convenient tool to be linked up to the world's life. Each day billions of mailboxes receive billions of newspapers, magazines, letters, postcards, bills... accompanied by myriads of advertising leaflets, and the latter doesn't make us happy, does it?

What do we do with the information noise?
Advertisers dream to seize our attention but no one welcomes intruders in a private, thus, we ignore. Neither we have free room to let them in and promote before our eyes their goods and services while we enjoy a morning cup of coffee, so we ignore again. Nevertheless they keep trying to slip into our minds by all means, including getting in through of all kinds of our mail boxes.

What is your first thought when seeing mailbox stuffed with a whole bunch of mottled ads? Are you happy to spend time wading through advertising spam arriving to your email? What about flyers, thrown away by neighbors, and flying along the street? Let us guess, you also throw armfuls of ads away and put spam filters on three out of five emails in the email boxes without even checking on it... This is how you miss to get knowing in time there was a 50% sale on goods you've been searching for decades, and it was happening round the corner.

The other side of the coin.
Possibly, you manufacture nice and useful things by yourself. How will people know about it? You have to promote your goods! You need some advertising! Then you spend money to place an ad next to the popular news column hoping to still a little bit of attention of readers or you go for printing up thousands of leaflet copies speaking out about your product and try, as a next step, to distribute it in a neighborhood. Would you spend time and money if initially expected a total ignorance after all you've done?

It is possible your neighbor or even a good friend of yours advertises very much like you to potentiate his small business and earn some money to keep up the family. What is the best way to win the customers' attention for you? What is a way to maintain positive and attracting if the image of advertisements is 'Just a Spam' which stills time and attention?

Do you want your pathway clean of leaflets flying around?
We bet your answer is “Yes, it would be awesome!”. As it was suggested at the beginning of this writing, our world is in a constant change. The problem of ads flying all around or invading your privacy might also be fixed up one day. Just imagine all of us possessing not just a separate mail box but an Ad box as well. We set priorities on which advertising is of our interest and let it in if it wants to be exposed to our attention when we don't mind to spend our time on it! Benjamin Franklin said "Time is money". It would be fair if advertising covered our time spent on it. At least they include advertising cost in the price of goods we buy, the only problem is that it is marketing media who keep all of those money by themselves. Wouldn't it be smart if advertisers pay us directly and have it back later when we come to buy their products? Wouldn't it be a fair relationship? Sure it would! And we would be more attentive then to products and services they produce because they respectfully cover our time and mind activity instead of paying someone else for helping to violate our privacy.

Actually, this amazing future is already here. 

The company of APM Agentuur has been created by people making their private business and not been involved in the art of marketing manipulations and collecting customers' views. As a private business itself, APM Agentuur's founders wanted to clear up the initial meaning of advertising, making it back a useful tool for both products and services providers and people who benefit from receiving useful information on time. That is why APM Agentuur created an ad modification of a mail box which would keep everybody connected and mutually happy with advertising.

Users of the Ad Pays Me Internet service, created by APM Agentuur, get into possession of an Own Advertising Board, in some way equal to the Ad mail-box, set up priorities of ads they might be interested in, see the ads in a convenient time and have 90% of the display value into their accounts. Do we hear you saying “It's unbelievable?”. Oh, yes it is true! Each user of the Ad Pay Me service receives 90% of the Ad, displayed on his own Ad board, value into his account.  The rest of 10% goes to APM Agentuur for maintaining users' private ad boxes operation and sending there only fairly grateful advertising.

Well, we all agree Benjamin Franklin was a profound personality! So why to waste our time any longer instead of spending it by watching only interesting and grateful ads?! Come and check yourself on Internet website to make sure you are not missing a thing.

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